Prof. Edgardo Lander

Professor of Social Sciences at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas

Edgardo Lander actively participates in TNI's New Politics project, writing critical analyses of the Venezuelan political situation that have been translated and widely circulated in Spanish, English, French and German.

Within Venezuela, he is part of the Citizens Platform in Defense of the Constitution, a political collective trying to defend the Bolivarian Constitution of 1999 under severe attacks by both by an increasingly authoritarian government and the right wing opposition. He is also active in the struggle against the Orinoco Mining Arch, a government project to open up 122,000 square kilometers of richly biodiverse territories  to transnational corporations for large scale open pit mining in violation of the constitution and the main environmental, labor and indigenous peoples rights' laws.

He continues to be active in the Latin American Permanent Working Group on Alternatives to Development for the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and is also a Member of the Political Ecology Working Group for the Latin American Social Science Council.