Pedro Arenas

Director of the National Observatory on Crops and Producers that have been declared illicit, Colombia

I have been in contact with TNI for the last 13 years. TNI invited me to collaborate on the steering committee that promoted the first global forum on producers of prohibited plants – crops like opium or coca. Later they invited me to participate in workshops on the International Guidelines on Alternative Development. They offered me training on drugs policy in 2013. Recently, I participated in several meetings along with TNI staff on drugs policy and the peace process in Colombia.

My experience of working with people from TNI has been great. TNI staff are extremely professional. They conduct deep analysis of drugs policies. They offer excellent technical support thanks to their expertise on the issues and topics they work on. They visit communities and work hard to get a direct understanding of the realities of the people they work with. Their reports and articles are consequently always of a high standard.

To me, working with TNI has helped me to develop an international perspective on drugs, drugs policies and the agreements adopted by the UN, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the Commission on Narcotics Drugs, and other institutions. The work with TNI helps me to maintain contact with other countries and learn about progress around the world.