Funding Agreements

Summary of contracts for 2016:

DonorProject durationProject titleTNI roleNo, partners where consortiumGoalAmount received in 2016 (EURO)
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs1/1/16-31/12/20Fair, Green & GlobalPartner6Ensure improved corporate conduct advances social justice, decent work and environmental sustainability; trade and investment advances socially just, inclusive and environmentally sustainable development; and financial systems, tax regimes and public financing practices advance socially just, inclusive and environmentally sustainable development.850,301
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1/12/14-31/12/16Support NGO preparation for 2016 UNGASS on DrugsSole0Support NGO preparation for 2016 UNGASS on Drugs0
Referendum Committee Netherlands22/1/16-19/5/16Ukraine ReferendumSole0Campaign for No vote in EU-Ukraine Association Agreement referendum in Netherlands32,096
European Union7/2/15-6/2/18EYD2015: Spotlight on the global food-land-climate nexus Lead16Mobilise European support for sustainable management of natural resources and the human right to food1,232,034 (*)
European Union1/2/13-31/1/16Making EU Investment Policy work for Sustainable DevelopmentLead12EU investment policy is coherent with development policy and contributes to the achievement of MDGs, sustainable development, and the realization of human rights in developing countries,29,825 (*)
Funders for Fair Trade1/6/16-31/5/17S2BGrant holder for network0Support coordination of the Seattle-to-Brussels network (32 members across Europe)81,457
Funders for Fair Trade1/4/15-31//3/16S2BGrant holder for network0Support coordination of the Seattle-to-Brussels network (32 members across Europe)0
Funders for Fair Trade1/6/15-30/6/16TTIP AlarmGrant holder for network Netherlands campaign on TTIP/CETA60,000
Funders for Fair Trade1/7/16-30/6/17Dutch TTIP Alarm CampaignGrant holder for network0Netherlands campaign on TTIP/CETA27,596
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH 9/10/15-17/2/16Rural DevelopmentSole0Organisation of 7th Asian policy dialogue, Cambodia30,717
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH 5/10/16-21/3/17Rural DevelopmentLead0Organisation of 8th Asian policy dialogue and workshop on alternative development, Myanmar20,968
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH 1/11/15-31/10/16Global Partnership Drugs Policy & DevelopmentSole0To bring development and public health-oriented approaches of international drug policy to the attention of the UN Member States98,898
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH 15/11/16-15/5/18Global Partnership Drugs Policy & DevelopmentSole0Implementation of the outcomes
of UNGASS 2016, the preparations for the global review in 201 9-2020, and harmonizing drug
policies with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and human rights obligations
Open Society Initiative for Europe1/1/16-31/12/16Countering Corporate Power: towards better lobby regulation & transparency in The NetherlandsLead5To contribute to a pan-European aim to achieve a high quality, legally-binding EU lobby register or a dramatically improved EU lobby register45,086
Foundation to Promote Open Society (New York)1/7/14-30/6/16Drugs & DemocracyLead0Core support to TNI programme190,829
Foundation to Promote Open Society (New York)1/10/16-30/9/18Drugs & DemocracyLead0Core support to TNI programme82,363
Foundation to Promote Open Society (New York)1/10/15-30/6/16Global Farmers’ Organisation ForumLead0To organize a Global Farmers’ Forum in 201659,805
Foundation Open Society Institute(Switzerland)1/1/16-31/7/17Drugs Policy Advocacy GroupGrant holder for network8Capacity building on drugs policy advocacy in Myanmar36,690
Foundation Open Society Institute(Switzerland)5/10/15-4/3/16Latin American Drug Policy FellowshipLead0Support two week training programme for Latin Americans6,653
Swedish International Development Agency (Sida)1/8/14-31/5/17Addressing Ethnic Conflict in MyanmarLead0Support ethnic civil society organisations in addressing ethnic conflict in Myanmar, and in making the current peace process more inclusive499,593
Swiss Development Cooperation1/12/15-31/5/17Addressing Ethnic Conflict in MyanmarLead0Promote ethnic land rights in Myanmar203,539
International Development Research Centre (Canada) 1/10/14-30/9/17Bottom-up accountability initiatives in large-scale land acquisitionsParticipating institution. Sub-contract via lead organization FIAN International8To deepen the work of African organisations involved in negotiating the Tenure Guidelines0
Rockefeller Brothers Foundations2/6/14-31/8/15Work on trade and investmentSole0To strengthen capacity of CSO’s in the Global South to understand and evaluate global rules on investment and to support CSO’s to engage governments seeking to reform investment rules and to communicate the need to reform global rules on investment to the broader public,1,153
NWO/Dfid3/6/14-3/6/18MOSAICPartner– disbursed via the lead organization Institute for Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam10To understand the interplay between climate mitigation policies, land grabbing, and conflict or cooperation in Myanmar and Cambodia, and derive relevant insights from other countries; contribute to grassroots and civil society partners’ development interventions to promote socially just and inclusive mitigation strategies and land policies and practices; build capacity to address, through strategic collective action, conflicts associated with climate mitigation and land grabbing15,832
TOTAL     4,623,458

*These grants include consortium partners’ share of the budget