Dr. Hilary Wainwright

Editor of Red Pepper magazine, UK

Hilary Wainwright's work in 2016 focused on two themes: first continuing her previous work on the solidarity economy and the commons and their convergence and influence with new thinking in trade unions and second, reporting, analysing and engaging with the latest developments in a new politics from the left.

As part of her solidarity economy/commons work, for example, she presented papers on the political economy of creativity and solidarity at the First European Forum of the Social Solidarity Economy in Brussels in January and  the International Sociological Association in Vienna April 2016. The papers drew on a chapter that she had contributed  to a book, The Solidarity Economy Alternative: Emerging Theory and Practice (edited by Vishwas Satgar and Michelle Williams), published in 2015. She also gave a lecture at the 11th Global Labour University in South Africa on 'A Just Transition and the Role of Labour' as well as contributed to two conferences on the commons and co-operative economy organized by Barcelona en Comu, the citizens platform now running the municipality of Barcelona.

In her work on New Politics, Hilary has supported TNI's development of New Politics Platform and worked on a short book on A New Politics from the Left for Polity Press to be published in February 2018. She also wrote an essay entitled 'Forging a Social Knowledge: 'Transformative Collaboration between Radical Left Governments, State Workers and the Solidarity Economy' in the book, From the Streets to the State; Changing the World through Taking Power (edited by Paul Gray, State University of New York Press).

Hilary engaged with new politics directly through the Momentum citizens initiative linked to the Labour Party in the UK and especially it's educational cultural off shoot The World Transformed (TWT), contributing to its festival in 2016 and writing for a special issue of Red Pepper jointly edited with TWT. She has appeared on BBC 2 's Daily Politics Show and Sky News commenting on Jeremy Corbyn and the movement that developed in support of him. She has also provided occasional advice for the Greek minister of economy Euclid Tsakalotos, alongside the late Robin Murray, advising on how to save public assets in the face of strong pressures from the Troika to privatize. She has worked closely with ex-Syriza associates of TNI who are now working on solidarity economy initiatives.