Dr. David Fig

Independent researcher, Chair of the Board of Biowatch South Africa, Honorary Research Associate in the Chair of Bio-Economics at the University of Cape Town and in the Society, Work and Development Institute in the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

During 2016, David Fig participated in a number of initiatives aimed at developing energy democracy in South Africa, including promotion of renewable energy and resistance to new nuclear reactors, fracking, and corruption of the state electricity utility. He was invited by the Free University of Berlin to contribute a chapter to a new book on nuclear waste. A further book chapter on nuclear procurement was prepared for a volume on climate change in the series on Democratic Marxism published by the Wits University Press, Johannesburg.

He was invited as a guest of the Green ID organization in Hanoi to be part of an international delegation to address the parliamentary science committee and the Vietnamese Union of Scientists. As a result of this and related initiatives, Vietnam’s congress soon afterwards voted to end the country’s nuclear programme.

David was also invited to be part of a global working group on the theme of “Beyond Development”, organized by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. He attended initial meetings of the group in Brussels.

He continued to work with a number of African civil society initiatives on extractivism and on food sovereignty, representing Biowatch, which tabled evidence before the Monsanto Tribunal in The Hague. He participated in the People’s Permanent Tribunal for Southern Africa, which met in Swaziland, where communities gave evidence implicating transnational corporations, mainly in the mining sector, in human rights and environmental violations. This tribunal was linked to TNI’s work on the Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power and End the Impunity of TNCs.