Dr. Daniel Chavez

Research Fellow, Coordinator of TNI’s New Politics Project

In 2016, Daniel Chavez organized three major conferences, which led to the creation and development of two TNI-initiated international networks and a new research programme.

In February, Daniel convened a international seminar in Amsterdam attended by researchers and activists from 15 countries. The aim was to jointly draft the research agenda of the New Politics Platform, which gives continuity to the New Politics Project that Daniel and Hilary Wainwright had jointly coordinated in previous years.

The second network that Daniel contributed to launch in 2016 was the Energy Democracy Collective. Daniel organized an international workshop in Amsterdam in February, in cooperation with Global Justice Now, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Brussels Office, Platform London, Switched on London, Berlin Energy Roundtable, the Alternative Information and Development Centre, Public Services International, and the Trade Unions for Energy Democracy initiative. The main outcome was a new space for working together on research, advocacy and training activities. In this context, Daniel produced a series of publications and a video documentary on energy democracy, and contributed to an online course on the same subject.

Daniel also worked with the Latin American Council for Social Sciences (CLACSO) and an academic unit of the University of Buenos Aires (IEALC) to develop a new regional initiative aimed at supporting young researchers interested in producing relevant and useful knowledge for social movements and popular organisations.

The first open call for proposals on the theme of “struggles around the meaning of ‘publicness’ in Latin America and the Caribbean" had an outstanding success, with the reception of 334 applications from across Latin America, of which 13 received financial support to carry out the research projects.  The programme will be expanded in coming years to other regions of the South.