Doi Ra

Senior Programme Coordinator at Paung Ku

I have been working with Paung Ku, a civil society strengthening initiative in Myanmar, for just over a year. Paung Ku already had a strong relationship with TNI when I arrived. My work involves supporting civil society organizations in the Thanintaryi and Rakhine regions to address issues facing their communities, which mainly result from large-scale investment projects.

Working with TNI has been really very helpful. TNI is a great source of information. Through TNI we learn a lot about decisions in Europe that affect Myanmar. Just recently, TNI informed us that another round of negotiations between the EU and Myanmar was due to take place on a proposed investment protection agreement. This information helped us to issue statements to the European Commission and the government at the right time, calling for transparency around the agreement, public consultations. and proposing to postpone the agreement until key legal reforms have taken place in Myanmar.

I think TNI has great technical expertise. I particularly admire their adaptability to the local context. They consistently check in with us and other partners about strategies and approaches and their suitability for our contexts. We do a lot of work together, building capacity of local organizations, and organizing workshops and advocacy training. The combination of our experience with TNI’s makes a great overall package.

If there is one change I would like to see with TNI, it would be to see even more capacity in Myanmar. In Myanmar today we have many live issues to tackle and we need strong, consistent movements.